Welcome to Wide Eye Concepts

We are a new age media house to provide more sustainable media options for your business to reach out to your target audience and grow your business. Because we believe that our growth depends on your growth.

We work with you

Lets face it, in a world where everything is searched, found and dealt with on the internet, it is almost impossible to be in business without an online presence. Whether you are just getting started, looking for growth or fighting for the market share, you will be handicapped without the help of digital marketing.

We at wide eye have a strategy for your business at every stage. We offer a completely tailor made solutions for each of our clients based on their business and their target audience. Let us know at what stage you are in, and we will help you to get strong and move on further with confidence.

Solutions for a New Business

Just started the Business?, we understand what you need in order to make your presence on the internet. We will get you started so that people will find you when they search for you.We will help you create business listing on Google and hyper local search engines to start with.

Once people locate you online, the next thing they would want to know is about your business, who you are, what you do and if they can find what they need. You need a professional website to provide all the information your visitors need. We will help you there. We will identify the right domain for your business, we will get you the right webhosting and we will develop a complete website that would help your audience get what they look for.

We will also make sure you are there in the social media so that you can get connected to your target users and form a community.

Lets give a good start

  • Domain Registration
  • Getting the right web hosting
  • Creating a Google Business Listing
  • Developing a Business Website
  • Listing in the Hyper Local Search Engines
  • Creating Social Profiles for Business

Solutions for Growing Business

Once you create your business presence online, you need to get connected to your target audience in order to grow your customer base. People who will talk about you, people who will do business with you and people who will be your brand ambassadors. They are spread across various social media platforms for different purposes. You need to make your presence felt and reach out to them with the right communication at the right time so that you get noticed and you get accepted by them. We will help you create a strong social media presence with the right tools and we will help you form and grow your community there.

We will also help you keep a track of your website visitors and get them to sign up with you through offers, advertisements, Landing pages etc. so that you can increase your Customer base on a regular basis.

Lets get you connected

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Analysis
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Advertising Campaigns
  • Creating Landing Pages
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